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MATE-Agadir Afternoon Report 02.12.2009

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MATE-Agadir Afternoon Report 02.12.2009 Empty MATE-Agadir Afternoon Report 02.12.2009

Post by Admin Wed Apr 15, 2009 5:16 pm

Moroccan Association of Teachers of English
MATE-Agadir Afternoon Report 02.12.2009 Top.ht1
Agadir Regional Branch

MATE-Agadir Afternoon Report

December 2nd,2009

MATE-Agadir, in collaboration with the Souss Massa Daraa Regional Academy for Education & Training, and in coordination with the Regional Inspectorate

of English, organized a MATE afternoon at the academy conference room on Tuesday December 2nd, 2008 at 03:00 PM. This year’s MATE-Agadir afternoon was characterized by two workshops animated by Mr. CHRAA and Mr. KHAROUAA. The event was chaired by Mr. Ahmed ATLAGH, the vice president of Mate Agadir. A significant number of teachers, from various delegations within the region of Souss Massa Draa came to attend this mid-day study, namely Chtouka Ait Baha, Inzegane -Ait Melloul,Tiznit, Agadir Idaoutanane, Guelmim, and Taroudant.

At the opening of the afternoon the chairperson gave the floor to the representative of the Academy who talked about the importance of teaching and learning foreign languages. Then the president of Mate Agadir talked about all the events that Mate Agadir had done the previous year, and he also talked the upcoming events during the academic year 2008- 2009; finally, Mr. Fahmi, the Secretary General of the National Board, tried to inform the participants of the events that the national board intends to do like the management seminar, the middle school seminar and the national conference. After the tea break during which the attendees had enjoyed hot tea and renewed their membership they benefited from two workshops; the first workshop was "Strategic Interaction: learning language through Scenarios" by Ayad chraa, the second workshop was "Motivating lower level students to write" by Mustapha kharoua.

In the first workshop, the speaker divided the attendees into four groups, and gave them different contexts, the teachers were supposed to imagine a scenario for those contexts. Then the representatives from each group – one from A and one from B- tried to engage in a spontaneos dialogue in which each would try to draw the other to their scenario. Afterwards, the facilitator tried to give a definition of scenario, the elements that make a scenario, its positives and how it differs from a role play; he also discussed the role of the teacher during the steps of the scenario.

The second workshop was conducted by Mustapha Kharouaa. He intended through his workshop to help lower level students enjoy writing in class without much teaching material. The facilitator started his workshop with some activities to motivate the participants, he gave the participants a list of words and asked them to choose three words and another participant would try to form a sentence using those three words. In The second activity the facilitator asked the participants to use all the words in the list to come up with a story of their own. The last activity was tense oriented; he distributed a text to the participants and asked them to try to find all the verbs in the simple past- regular and irregular.

The chair person thanked both facilitators for their interesting workshops, then he gave the floor to the participants’ recommendations and comments. The participants were satisfied with the work that MATE-Agadir had been doing to get teachers together and contribute to development of ELT in Morocco, they also thanked the organising committee for their great job to make the event a success, however, they complained that they usually didn’t get informed of MATE’s events, and that MATE-Agadir should focus more on teachers working in state schools. Finally, they insisted that MATE should keep changing venues of events to give the chance to all teachers in all areas to benefit and take part.

The chairperson, Mr. Atlagh, tried to respond to the participants’ comments, he made it clear that MATE-Agadir during the weeks that preceded the events had invested all the ways to reach teachers and make them informed of the MATE afternoon; through the Academy, personal emails, MATE-Agadir web forums, the MATE-Agadir website and inspectors’ meetings with teachers, etc. Concerning the focus on teachers in public school, Mr. Atlagh responded that MATE’s aim is to help ELT professionals develop and share their skills despite the places where they work. For the venues Mr. Atlagh said that Mate Agadir is thinking of organizing some study days in other delegations like Shtouka Ait Baha and Taroudant. At the end, the chairperson thanked the participants for their coming and active participation, and both Mr. Ayyad and Kharoua for their workshops.
Secretary General
Si Mohamed Chana


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